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Caddy Cell 18 Hole 16AH Lithium Battery
3 year warranty. Purpose designed for use on any golf trolley that curreetly uses a 12 volt lead acid battery, you don't need to make any changes or alterations as comes with an adapter cable. Weighs an...
269,00 €
LitePower Lithium 22ah Battery
Features: Lifetime 5 times longer than equivalent lead acid . Designed to fit any mainstream electric trolley. Charges from empty in under 5 hours. Advanced BMS system constantly optimises performance...
275,00 €
Motocaddy Lead Acid Battery Charger
Specifically designed for use with all Motocaddy supplied Lead-acid batteries excluding Motocaddy Explorer. Comes complete with easy to follow charging and battery care instructions. Compatible with model(s):...
50,00 €
Motocaddy Lithium Battery
Market-leading 5-year comprehensive warranty (valid from 1st Jan 2017) 75% lighter (compared to Lead-acid equivalent) Five-times longer lifespan (compared to Lead-acid equivalent) Compact and stylish design...
275,00 €
QualVecom Lithium Pro Battery
Lithium Golf Caddy Batteries (LiFe Po4 Lithium ion Phospate) 18 & 36 Hole Options (16A - 22A) USB Port to Charge Devices Charger & Connections Included 3 Year Warranty HT12.8-16 - 12v 16Ah (USB port) 2.1kg,...
249,00 €
Yuasa REC26-12 Lead Acid Battery
This Yuasa 12v 26Ah Golf Trolley Battery has one of the best reputations in the market place for reliability, although a little more expensive the performance and long user life makes this a choice for...
110,00 €