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Golf Glider Classic Lite Trolley
Light weight only 9 Kilos Ready in seconds - folds away in seconds Will not move if switched on when connecting battery Auto cut out on overload preventing damage Stainless Steel Axle and Fasteners High...
449,00 €
Golf Glider MircoLite Trolley 18Hole Lead Battery
Main Features: Super Micro Lite weight only 7 kilos Ready in seconds / Folds away in seconds Will not move if switched on when connecting 20amp battery Quick Release Wheels Free Wheel facility Flat and...
469,00 €
GolfStream Vision Electric Trolley with Lithium Battery
Free Waterproof Bag from Monday 12th November to 31st December 2018 Folds flatter than all main competitors trolleys. Revolutionary Caddy White screen can be seen easily even in full sun. One touch super...
549,00 €
MotoCaddy M1 Pro Electric Trolley
The newest member of the Motocaddy family, the compact folding M1 PRO electric trolley has been designed to transform your journey to and from the golf course. The new style frame and three-point folding...
549,00 €
Motocaddy S1 Digital Electric Trolley 18Hole Lead Battery
The worlds favourite electric trolley, the Motocaddy S1 has picked up numerous awards from leading golf magazines since it was first introduced. The lightweight frame, simple features and unsurpassed reliability...
399,00 €
Motocaddy S1 Digital Electric Trolley Lithium 18 holes Battery
Never carry your golf bag again when you get this stunning and delightful Motocaddy S1 Pro Lithium Electric Trolley. Ideal for traversing any golf course, this is a smart and useful way to get around....
549,00 €
Motocaddy S3 Digital Electric Trolley Lead Battery
Distance measurements (drive, round, lifetime) Adjustable distance control (up to 60 yards) Patented USB charging port Battery meter CartLock security pin code Lost ball timer Round timer Clock Easy fold...
549,00 €
Motocaddy S3 Pro digital Electric Trolley Lithium Battery 18 Hole
Lightweight 'S Frame' with easy fold mechanism that can be folded down in one easy move. Hollow Aluminium so is incredibly light to carry and will fit in to the smallest of car boots. Fully adjustable...
599,00 €
Motokaddy M7 Remote Control
The first remote control model in the Motocaddy range boasts one of the trolley sector s most sophisticated guidance systems, utilising two motors to provide a combination of power and precision, plus...
1 099,00 €
PowaKaddy FW3 Electric Trolley - Lead Battery
Attractively priced and an inheritance of the best aspects of the immensely successful PowaKaddy Freeway range over the years makes the FW3 the ideal entry-level option. Adding to the many features are...
449,00 €