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Wilson Staff DX 2 Soft 12 Pack
The Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft Dozen Golf Ball offers exceptional distance and improved control off the tee thanks to the low driver spin. At half the compression of the average of leading competitor balls,...
24,95 €
Wilson Staff DX 2 Soft Ladies 12 Pack
With its groundbreaking 29 compression, the new and improved Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft Women's is the World s Softest Women's golf ball. Designed for the Distance player seeking less spin off the tee and a...
24,95 €
Wilson Staff DX 3 Spin 12 Pack
The 35 compression Dx3 Spin golf ball from Wilson Staff is the World s Softest Multilayer ball. Featuring similar distance and soft feel characteristics inherent in the Dx2 Soft, the Dx3 Spin presents...
24,95 €
Wilson Staff FG Tour - 12 Pack
ADVANCED 4-PIECE CONSTRUCTION Each layer is uniquely designed for optimal performance. The soft core provides feel and low driver spin, both mantle layers promote maximized velocity and the cast urethane...
39,95 €